Cryptids in Madagascar: the Bibiolona

Cryptids in Madagascar: the Bibiolona

Recent cases of assaults and rapes by half-man demonic creatures

It has become the talk of the town since a couple of weeks now: a certain number of "bibiolona" are witnessed across the island of Madagascar.

The gory creature, described by eye witnesses as having human upper parts (from waist to head) and animal lower parts (the body and hindlegs of a horse or a bull).

No human casualty is to be declared so far, except three cases of sexual assaults towards women in the South-East of Madagascar.

It has been reported that a certain zebu trader from Tsiroanomandidy has been seen with the Bibiolona. Both would have an agreement where the Bibiolona would grant protection over the cattle and wpuld have sex with the trader's wife, in return.

This may lead one to think that these creatures are probably in their mating season and feel the instinctive urge to copulate.

No official account nor scientifc light has been shed upon the cases.

We would welcome foreign cryptozoologists to investigate.

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