May 22, 2020

    19 Things That Literally Every Single Dad Does And We Have No Clue Why

    Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    1.Reaching their hand back in the car for snacks.

    2.Playing videos on their phone at full volume.

    3.Having the best relationship with the family dog even though they didn't want the dog in the first place.

    4.Sneezing at astronomical volumes.

    5.Never quite doing what you requested when you ask a favor of them.


    Why do Dads always overdue everything, like mines been gone for years and theres still no milk #streetlight#nightlight#redlight#greenlight#parents

    ♬ Dads night light - stupidamericantv

    6.Reminding you to check your oil at the most random times.

    7.Staring at extremely uneventful things, like construction.

    8.Shaking snacks before eating them.


    Why do African dads shake their snacks 😂😭

    ♬ original sound - grace_africa

    9.Giving the most long-winded directions.


    I feel like all dads do this and I have no idea why???? I AM CONFUSION

    ♬ original sound - jack..johnson

    10.Having no friends.

    11.Heading to the airport 10 hours before the flight even leaves.

    12.Holding something meters away from their face in order to read it.

    13.Sleeping deeper than a bear in hibernation.

    14.Owning this shirt that no one's ever actually seen in a store.


    why does like every dad have a shirt like this but you never see it in stores?#nbafinals#dad#viral

    ♬ This City - Sam Fischer

    15.And refusing to get rid of the same shirt that they've had for decades.

    16.Never remembering your friends' names even though they've known them since you were little.


    dads do be forgetting ur friends doe

    ♬ original sound - 3.points

    17.Coming into your room to ask you an extremely non-urgent question.

    18.Freaking out over a gas price difference of a few cents.

    19.And never letting you touch the thermostat.

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