May 22, 2020

    16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Masks up, people!

    1.Jonah Hill got in a surf sesh.

    Agny, Bens / Wagner AZ / BENS / BACKGRID

    2.Diane Keaton walked her dog.

    Amco / BACKGRID

    3.Tom Hanks was the bandana man.

    Spot, Poer, Sove / BACKGRID

    4.Shawn Mendes took a solo stroll.

    Vaem, Cama / VAEM / BACKGRID

    5.Harrison Ford wore his mask in an interesting way.

    Spot / SPOT / BACKGRID

    6.Justin Bieber documented his walk.

    Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

    7.Adam Sandler lugged his dog.

    Andr / BACKGRID

    8.Sarah Silverman banged her pots and pans for health care workers.


    9.Lucy Hale got gas.

    Woot / JACK / BACKGRID

    10.Patrick Schwarzenegger rode on an elliptical bike thing.

    Ansa / BACKGRID

    11.Diane Kruger bought some booze.

    Evga, Rolo / BACKGRID

    12.Miley Cyrus had a big ol' smile on her face.


    13.Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk went for a walk.

    Amco / BACKGRID

    14.Joe Jonas took his bike out.

    Ngre, Deca / NGRE / BACKGRID

    15.Jason Derulo got ready for a workout.

    Evga, Sxac / BACKGRID

    16.And Adam Brody had all the dad things.

    Cyny, Free / BACKGRID

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