May 22, 2020

    Martha Stewart Accidentally Posted An Extremely Sexual Instagram Caption About Chicken And I Guess She's Really Horny, Y'all

    I'm worried about you, girl.

    She's been zipping around her lawnmower.

    Martha's Instagram / Via

    Chilling with her"detainees" drinking Martha-ritas.



    But apparently quarantine is starting to get to Martha judging from a recent Instagram caption.


    She's horny, y'all.

    Nothing unusual.

    Nothing weird.

    But the caption to this video is what really caught my attention:

    Instagram / Via Twitter: @Sweet985


    Instagram / Via Twitter: @Sweet985



    Honestly, I can't blame her. I feel that!!!

    Comedy Central

    Eventually, the caption was edited, but the original will live on forever.

    Get it, girl!

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