Updated onJul 2, 2020. Posted onJun 29, 2020

    16 Of The Funniest Fails From This Week

    Don't sing Whitney Houston to impress someone on Grindr.

    1.This mixup fail:

    2.This sign placement fail:

    3.And this tweet placement fail:

    4.This Whitney fail:

    5.This attire fail:

    6.This Pride cake fail:

    7.This email fail:

    8.This kid snatch fail, which almost took away from the beautiful proposal:

    9.This Grindr fail:

    10.This shawarma fail:

    11.This sign fail:

    12.This headset fail:

    13.This intruder fail:

    14.This thirst trap, which was a fail because Noah Centineo is seemingly in a garbage can:

    15.This Gen Z fail:

    16.And lastly, this mask fail:

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